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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Show Me That You Care

You’re in business…you want more clients…you don’t know me and you don’t really care…and it doesn’t matter at the end of the day, you just need to get on with it and make some business happen.

Is that the best attitude to growing your business?

I wonder.

You see if I were buying, the strongest persuader in any persons arguments would be that you actually want to help me not merely sell to me.

Like you I am sure, I have had thousands of people say that they can sell me a solution that really will help my business and that they know will be a good purchase because they have a list of reasons and past performances to base that upon….

BUT in truth I don’t know them, they don’t know me and bluntly it is pretty certain that they will be giving me something almost ‘out of the box’.
I am not ‘out of the box’ I know that my business circumstances, pains and aspirations are different. You probably do too.

And so, f that were you being approached by a person selling their services, how would you feel?

Would you feel like buying? Would you feel that the salesperson is genuine or are they merely telling you what they tell everybody?

If you did buy would you be treated differently or lost amongst all of the other customers who paid for the solution? And how could you gauge this before you commit?

Sadly I still see so many people who are out there in small business world and whilst trying hard and meaning well they really are missing the mark. They really do approach a prospective client with a pretty formulaic and non-personal solution offering.

The personal skill are often quite high and they come across as nice and genuine…but cynically, when you step aback and question how you feel you possibly don’t feel as though this nice and attentive manner will be quite the same after you have purchased!!

Thus, I can only ever advocate one simple approach – be genuine and show that you care. When you are ‘selling’ or looking for new business, be deliberately and consciously mindful of how it feels when someone shows that you really aren’t cared for as a person and then turn that around. Care for the person. And don’t fake it. Be real. Care or get out.

You see, in my book, selling is a profession to be proud of. Selling is THE key ingredient that spins all of our wheels…but selling is only ever to be done when it genuinely helps the person buying.

To genuinely help it needs to be personalised…and it cannot be personalised if the selling process is speedy and the process generic.

You have to sell in order to make your business spin…and there is always some pressure on ‘numbers’ and ‘time’ as there are a million things to do…and so I appreciate the pressure but warn against speeding up.

Speed usually means less attention…less human more ‘business’…and I believe that more human means in the end more business.

So, try slowing down this week and try deliberately not talking about what you do or how ‘it’ might work for them. Try concentrating on ‘human’ not ‘solution’…and try to focus on the person and caring.

I recognise that you probably do care and that at core you aren’t a cold business machine…but that you find it challenging sometimes when there is so much to do…but I urge you to fight that and slow down.  When out ‘selling’, slow down and care.

You WILL create greater connection and spin more business in all areas eventually.

And besides, slowing down and engaging more is always nicer so you will enjoy your day more!

And with that thought in mind I wish you a more enjoyable and ‘human’ day and week.
With love always

Ben x

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