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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Looking ahead to the New Year and wanting more from your business? Where is YOUR solution?

In this first week back I have been involved in several discussions relating to the plans for business in this coming year…and its good to hear that so many business owners are so up-beat ….

BUT my thoughts are that despite all of the best laid plans, something is missing.


Well, please forgive my ‘direct approach’ but too many business owners are looking ‘outside’ for answers.

Looking to start new ‘diversifications’ to tap into an income stream…looking to start new marketing initiatives and bring in more new clients…looking to hire new staff to delegate that acquisition process and grow that way…and I totally agree that these plans might well be necessary – but I never hear anyone talk about what they are doing for themselves ie what skills they might learn, what groups of connections they might join, what exercise they might embrace or what people skills they feel they could use more effectively.

In smaller businesses it is usually about the main person. The business may not necessarily still be a ‘one man band’ as it might be a small team of 2 or even 10, but it is still hugely dependent upon the business owner….
That means it is dependent upon the business owner leading and inspiring the team…
That means it is dependent upon the business owner to intellectually manage to stimulate sales, embrace production techniques and simplify cash flow and overheads….
That means it is dependent upon the business owner being fit and healthy and alive!!

That means more than ever it is down to the business owner to be not just good or as good as the others but to be genuinely better than the average!

The business owner needs energy to spare…he/she needs skills to ensure tough times are dealt with and stressful impact minimised…and you can only do this with effort!

Health and fitness…mental energy and physical capacity to handle the daily ‘push’ demands attention to health and fitness…and attention and time needs to be given to feeding the mind and ensuring that mentally you have capacity to see the bigger picture not simply the daily grind!

AND I just don’t see many people actively looking after themselves!!

So, lovingly I encourage a moments thought and ask “What are you doing for YOU this coming year?”
What plans have you got for new skills, for brushing up on known skills, for fitness, for laughing and for team building and fun???

Maybe take a step back amidst all of this New Year optimism and look at your plans to see if you have properly given YOU what you need….

AND let’s share ideas. It is NOT easy juggling everything and the best laid plans of all of us wanting to be fitter or go on a diet etc usually fall to the wayside because of sheer time demands…so lets share ideas and help each other.

Just a thought!!

Here’s to YOU J

Here’s to a fabulous and amazing business year ahead
With love

Ben x       

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